Turkey best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Turkey best selling cars ranking in April sees the Fiat Egea on the top, showing a double-digit growth (+26.4%), while Renault Clio conquers the second place. On the other side, the followers records poor performances as the Volkswagen Passat (-75.4%).


In the 2018, worsening on economic and social environment, huge inflation and currency depreciation hit the domestic demand even in the automotive sector. Indeed, sales started falling in April with double-digit drops, keeping the negative trend for the rest of the year. Thus, the 2018 registered the lowest volume since 2009, ending the year with 620.937 units, down a disappointing 35.1%.

In 2019 the market was on the previous year’s track, with January  down an awful 59%, with sales at 14.373. February was not even better, with market down 47.1% and sales at 24.875. In March the market kept the free fall (-35.3%).

Sales, in April, declined even faster than the previous month, reaching -56.5% with 30.971 figures. The year-to-date units are 119.440 (-48%).

At model-wise, the best-selling model year-to-date is the Fiat Egea – still the market leader as during the past three years-  with 14.189 sales (+35.8%).

In second place the Renault Clio with 7.074 units (-33.3%), overtaking Renault Megane. Third was the Renault Megane which sales have been 6.426 (-50.7%). This model is poorly performing during the recent months, progressively eroding the wide gap gained at the beginning of the previous year.

In fourth place the Honda Civic with 4.405 units (-40.5%), followed by the Toyota Corolla with 4.207 (-40.4%) and the Volkswagen Passat with 3.353 sales (-53.6%).

In seventh place the Nissan Qashqai with 2.910 (-30.8%) followed by the Peugeot 3008 with 2.269 units (-9.6%), the Peugeot 301 with 2.157 (-44%)  and in 10th place by the Ford Focus with 2.032 (-55.2%).

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YTD 2019
YTD 2019
11Fiat Egea14.1893.83035,8%26,4%
23Renault Clio7.0741.438-33,3%-63,5%
32Renault MŽgane6.4261.277-50,7%-65,1%
44Honda Civic4.4051.346-40,5%-29,6%
55Toyota Corolla4.2071.500-40,4%-21,8%
66Volkswagen Passat3.353609-53,6%-75,4%
77Nissan Qashqai2.910698-30,8%-50,3%
817Peugeot 30082.269815-9,6%-14,2%
911Peugeot 3012.157571-44,0%-53,3%
109Ford Focus2.032605-55,2%-58,8%
118Dacia Duster1.939464-56,7%-71,4%
1216Volkswagen Golf1.917503-53,7%-57,4%
1321Hyundai Tucson1.878470-4,8%-27,4%
1414Volkswagen Polo1.779621-52,8%-49,8%
1510Opel Astra1.752415-66,4%-78,3%
1622Volkswagen Tiguan1.708465-3,8%-17,1%
1724Mercedes C Class1.621309-46,2%-58,0%
1820Hyundai Accent1.617337-56,5%-72,7%
1919Skoda Octavia1.555396-55,5%-22,5%
2015Dacia Sandero1.344283-55,3%-76,5%
2113Hyundai i201.310461-73,4%-63,9%
2218Skoda Superb1.065236-60,9%-70,4%
2335Opel Corsa1.015324-44,2%-65,3%
2439Kia Sportage9272509,4%-16,9%
2523Seat Leon904213-61,8%-72,4%
2637Audi A488690-14,1%-71,4%
2732Toyota C-HR843281-44,6%-9,6%
2831Dacia Dokker710179-42,2%-46,9%
2925Citroen C-ElysŽe659229-73,0%-37,6%
3038BMW 3 Series610144-43,8%-41,5%
3164Volvo V4058818268,0%80,2%
3259Opel Grandland X563181-11,8%-10,0%
3385Hyundai Kona550184266,7%22,7%
3429Hyundai Elantra51598-72,2%-78,3%
3526Audi A3506153-77,0%-79,9%
3612Renault Symbol505177-88,5%-88,3%
3730Nissan Micra49082-68,8%-73,8%
3827Ford Kuga47390-74,9%-87,3%
3934Renault Kadjar462107-51,5%-73,5%
4036BMW 5 Series457172-68,4%-44,7%
4157Audi A6453136-46,1%-60,6%
4242Honda CR-V444109-56,7%-78,0%
4354Jeep Renegade44185-35,6%-60,5%
4449BMW 1 Series427179-44,8%16,2%
4540Dacia Lodgy424113-64,7%-55,7%
4644Suzuki Vitara41184-35,5%-59,2%
4762Peugeot 2008403130-16,9%-31,9%
4858BMW X138050-18,5%-84,3%
49volkswagen T-Roc35853
5033Mercedes E Class341108-72,4%-66,5%
51191Peugeot Rifter336159
5245Renault Captur29848-68,1%-89,0%
5366Nissan Juke24655-38,3%-38,9%
5447Opel Insignia24338-75,3%-71,4%
5528Nissan X-Trail23852-74,3%-74,5%
5656Toyota Yaris23346-54,1%-72,5%
5768Seat Ateca231350,0%-39,7%
5777Renault Talisman23138108,1%0,0%
58113Opel Crossland X2288686,9%186,7%
5950Mercedes A Class21239-53,0%-61,8%
5953Ford Fiesta21240-68,2%-81,6%
6061Kia Rio21054-52,3%-73,5%
6199Renault Koleos20559101,0%96,7%
6263Dacia Logan MCV19850-42,6%-56,1%
6383Mini Countryman197511,0%-12,1%
6478Ford Ecosport180230,0%-55,8%
6589Jeep Compass1795064,2%-35,9%
6684BMW 4 Series17848-38,4%-15,8%
67102Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross17334424,2%3,0%
6765Audi A517345-72,5%-76,9%
6876volkswagen Arteon16778-10,2%81,4%
6973Peugeot 20816246-51,4%-72,0%
7072Skoda Kodiaq15627-72,6%-79,2%
7194Subaru Forester14743-30,3%-29,5%
7274Hyundai i1013742-67,0%-23,6%
7346Volvo S60135--76,0%-100,0%
7475Citroen C313487-68,8%-26,3%
76126BMW X21273312600,0%3200,0%
7791Volvo XC9012265-54,0%3,2%
78102Fiat 500L11955-16,2%66,7%
7970Peugeot 500811849-79,4%-37,2%
80104Volvo XC4011534101,8%183,3%
8188Subaru XV10828-60,0%-66,3%
8295BMW X510357-41,8%-13,6%
8351Skoda Karoq9820-78,7%-92,6%
8498Volvo S908750-59,3%-41,2%
8592Volvo XC608523-61,9%-71,3%
85116Citroen C3 Aircross853777,1%208,3%
86112Audi Q58026-61,7%-35,0%
87164Suzuki Swift7627
88114Porsche Macan7516-48,3%-61,0%
89124Alfa Romeo Giulietta742142,3%-41,7%
90115Land Rover Range Rover Velar7114-36,6%-58,8%
91Kia Stonic696
92110Mercedes B Class6839-59,3%-26,4%
9348Seat Ibiza6718-94,2%-95,7%
94107Land Rover Range Rover Sport6347-59,9%0,0%
9543Kia Cerato62--94,7%-100,0%
9687Mercedes GLC6014-78,5%-83,7%
97117Toyota RAV45928-40,4%-37,8%
9886Citroen C4 Cactus5615-76,5%-80,0%
99109Kia CeeÕd5435-66,9%-18,6%
99139Mercedes G Class5416157,1%77,8%
100151Toyota Land Cruiser51222,0%1000,0%