Turkey car industry: 2012 Outlook

Turkey’s economy is increasingly driven by its industrial and services sectors, although its traditional agriculture sector still accounts for about 30% of employment. An aggressive privatization program has reduced state involvement in basic industry, banking, transport, and communication, and an emerging cadre of middle-class entrepreneurs is adding dynamism to the economy.

Light vehicle Industry
the 2011 closed with the new all-time record for this market with 872.898 sales- The68% were passenger cars (593.165) and the 32% LCV (279.733). The 2011 was 14.7% better than previous year. However, the dramatic boost registered in the first half 2011, has been followed by a progressive decline. In January 2012, the market was 31.196 units, 30.3% down on previous year. This was the 6th negative months in a row.

Industry Forecast
Focusw2move.com is projecting the 2012 flat, with around 870.000 sales. After a declining first half, the second part of the year will show a growth over previous year. However rumors from the market, reports on very slow year start, that can project the full year below 2011 level.


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