Turkey Vehicle Sales fell 28% May 2014. Skoda roars behind.

turkey vehicle sales

Turkey Vehicle Sales fell 28% May 2014 as consumer confidence index kept falling and expectations over economic indicators are negative for the rest of the year. Waiting for politic elections results the consumer’s demand will stay low.

In May 2014 accordingly with data released by O.D.D. , new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 58.131 down 28.6% from year ago, again a deep year-on-year very negative performance. Year to date May sales have been 226.708, down 26.3% from year ago.

Passenger car sales went down by 25.6% in comparison to the same month of the year before and became 46,379 while Light commercial vehicle market decreased 38.5% compared to May, 2013 to 11.742 units.

In the first five months of 2014, 83.3% of the passenger car market segment again consisted of the vehicles in the A, B and C segments whose tax ratios are low. The highest sales numbers according to segments were reached in Segment C with a share of 51.4% (a quantity of 91.719) and according to frame, the most preferred body type was the Sedan (46.2%, a quantity of 82,462).

Commenting the May market, the second most relevant fact –a part the huge market drop – was the great performance scored by Skoda that in May hit the 2.7% of market share, over one point better than in the usual trend.

Volkswagen retailed 9.149 cars with 15.7% of share, down 0.8 points from April. In the first five months of the year sales were 37.183 and share at 16.4%, up 3.3 points from year ago. The first Volkswagen model was Polo in 4th place with 1.859 sales, followed by Passat in 9th and Jetta in 10th.

Renault advanced in second place being protagonist as well with 7.226 retails and 12.4% of share, down 1.0 points from April, while cumulate sales were 30.445 with 13.4% of share, up 0.7 points from 2013. Clio and Fluence were respectively second and third with 1.955 and 1.918 sales.

Fiat was third selling 6.855 units and 11.8% of share, up 0.8 points from April. Year to date Fiat was third with 25.740 retails and 11.4% of share, down 0.1 points from year ago. The Linea was market leader with 2.923 sales.

Ford was fourth with 5.593 sales and 9.6% of share, up 0.4 points from the previous month. Year to date sales were 20.334 with 9.0% of share, up 0.5 points from last year. The Focus was the eight last month with 1.635 sales.

Hyundai was fifth with 3.653 retails and 6.3% of share, down 0.5 points. Year to date sales were 14.501 with share at 6.4%, up 0.6 points from 2013. The i20 was 11th with 1.420 retails.

Looking at the best-selling models, the ranking leaded by Fiat Linea, followed by Clio, Fluence and Polo. Behind Opel Astra was 5th followed by the amazing Toyota Corolla, jumped in 6th from 17th last year.

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the All-brands and Best-selling models as you like:

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