UAE Vehicles Market hit All-Time record in 2014.

UAE Vehicles Market

UAE Vehicles Market hit All-Time record in 2014 with Sales above 400k, first time ever, and joining the Top 25 Global Car Markets Club. This was the year of BMW booming sales 83%.

In 2014 according to data released by focus2move Research Team through local sources and manufacturers, total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 412.308, up 13.6% from the previous year, outpacing for the first time the 0.4 million level.

Hitting the volume record for after sixth years (the former record was established in the 2008 at 370.000) the country entered in the Top 25th global car market, first time ever, overtaking the Algerian market (fell from the 25th to the 28th) and ahead of European Poland and Sweden markets.

U.A.E. market data are influenced by an export trend of pre-registered vehicles (with zero kilometers) with destination to the others gulf countries, due to the free goods transfer area and lowest car price offer.

Toyota was market leader with over 127.000 sales and 31.0% of market share, followed by the traditional local competitor, Nissan, which benefit from great local success of last generation of Patrol.

A wonderful year was scored by the third, Mitsubishi, improving sales by 57.2%.

However, the “brand of the year” was German and was BMW that roared ahead with sales up 83.8%, surging in 6th place, behind Hyundai and Kia.

Wishing to know more all details on this market, you can purchase the two researches just published by our Research Team:

In the interactive table below you can sort through the twenty-five Best-selling models.

Rank 2014Rank 2013ModelSales 2014Sales 20132014 Y.o.Y. Var.Share 2014Share 2013
12Toyota Hilux20.09817.14017,3%4,9%4,7%
21Toyota Prado18.75918.2093,0%4,6%5,0%
34Toyota Land Cruiser16.23316.0011,4%4,0%4,4%
43Toyota Corolla15.74916.902-6,8%3,8%4,7%
57Nissan Patrol15.43010.01754,0%3,8%2,8%
612Toyota Yaris12.2307.83456,1%3,0%2,2%
78Mitsubishi Pajero11.9849.51925,9%2,9%2,6%
86Fuso Canter11.50311.529-0,2%2,8%3,2%
918Mitsubishi Lancer11.2224.554146,4%2,7%1,3%
105Toyota Camry10.54611.628-9,3%2,6%3,2%
1110Nissan Sunny9.3567.99817,0%2,3%2,2%
1211Toyota Land Cruiser P/U7.6577.981-4,1%1,9%2,2%
1313Toyota Hiace7.3956.71310,2%1,8%1,9%
1432Mitsubishi Lancer EX6.9192.752151,4%1,7%0,8%
1515Nissan Altima5.9915.44810,0%1,5%1,5%
1614Toyota Fortuner5.3085.836-9,0%1,3%1,6%
1716Honda Accord5.2535.0094,9%1,3%1,4%
1822Hyundai Accent5.1383.94130,4%1,3%1,1%
1920Nissan Sentra5.0644.02725,8%1,2%1,1%
2021Lexus LX4.5094.01512,3%1,1%1,1%
2117Hyundai Elantra4.4284.856-8,8%1,1%1,3%
229Nissan D224.4098.543-48,4%1,1%2,4%
2325Nissan Tiida4.1793.12933,6%1,0%0,9%
2433BMW X53.8232.70841,2%0,9%0,7%
2530Nissan Urvan3.7302.81332,6%0,9%0,8%

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