UK Best Selling Car. The top 50 in the 2017

UK Best Selling Car

UK Best Selling Car ranking in the 2017 with Ford and Vauxhall declining under the attach of German models. The Volkswagen Golf gained the second step of the podium while the last generation of Nissan Qashqai was fourth.

British vehicles market flourished in recent years hitting two consecutive all time record in 2015 and 2016 overtaking for the first time the milestone of 3 million light vehicles sales in a year. Car passenger’ record was established in the 2016 with 2.692.000 units. However, since mid 2016 the market ended the speed and has progressively taken a descendent track. Indeed, according to data released by the Royal Minister of Transportation, in the 2017 full year sales have been 2.540.000, down 5.4%.  2018 outlook is negative and sales are foreseen near 2.3 million units.

If you wish to give a final check at the 2016 best-selling car ranking, do it before reading this year rank.

The best-selling cars in 2017 unchanged, with the  Ford Fiesta on top of the list despite the lost of sales due to the run out of sixth generation and the production rump up of the seventh.

Ford Fiesta annual sales have been 94.533 (-21.6%) with a narrowed margin over the aggressive leader of imported vehicles, up 1 spot,  the  Volkswagen Golf  sold in 77.231 units (+11.1%).

In third place the Ford Focus with 69.903 units (-0.9%) followed by the Nissan Qashqai with 64.216 units (+2.4%),  the Vauxhall (Opel in the table) Corsa with 52.773 units (-31.6%), the Vauxhall Astra with49.370 (-18.7%) and the Volkswagen Polo with 47.855 units (-12.1%).

In eight place the Mini with 47.669 (-1.4%) ahead of the Mercedes C Class with 45.912 (+3.9%) and, in 10th place,  the Mercedes A Class with 43.717 units (+6.2%).

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Rank 2017Rank 2016 Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Ford Fiesta94.533120.525-21,6%
24Volkswagen Golf77.23169.49211,1%
33Ford Focus69.90370.545-0,9%
45Nissan Qashqai64.21662.6822,4%
52Opel Corsa52.77277.110-31,6%
69Ford Transit Custom51.88546.98510,4%
76Opel Astra49.37060.719-18,7%
87Volkswagen Polo47.85554.448-12,1%
1010Mercedes C Class45.91244.1843,9%
1113Mercedes A Class43.71741.1836,2%
1214Kia Sportage39.68340.083-1,0%
1318Ford Kuga39.21235.48110,5%
1416Nissan Juke38.91238.8030,3%
1511Audi A337.92643.808-13,4%
1617BMW 3 Series35.90436.732-2,3%
1719BMW 1 Series34.92434.3791,6%
1827Hyundai Tucson29.43225.59715,0%
1915Fiat 50029.41638.916-24,4%
2043Volkswagen Tiguan29.13120.21944,1%
2121Toyota Yaris28.33230.741-7,8%
2255Honda Civic27.44817.36958,0%
2320Ford Transit27.06230.786-12,1%
2428Mercedes E Class26.73325.5374,7%
2525Audi A425.29426.686-5,2%
2632Hyundai i1025.22423.6576,6%
2723Land Rover Range Rover Evoque24.90627.161-8,3%
2831Land Rover Discovery Sport24.53123.7963,1%
2924Audi A123.95226.959-11,2%
3039Mercedes Sprinter23.58821.5759,3%
3134Toyota Aygo22.26423.384-4,8%
3233BMW 4 Series22.05023.479-6,1%
3338Volkswagen Transporter21.89821.7200,8%
3426Renault Captur20.59325.841-20,3%
3535Skoda Octavia20.49323.068-11,2%
3612Opel Mokka20.23041.689-51,5%
3736BMW 2 Series20.15322.683-11,2%
3830Renault Clio20.15023.825-15,4%
3953Seat Leon20.13217.98511,9%
4037Ford Connect19.80522.035-10,1%
4146BMW 5 Series19.47719.621-0,7%
4242Skoda Fabia19.27520.522-6,1%
4359Opel Vivaro18.80816.38714,8%
4460Nissan X-Trail18.63816.09515,8%
4577Honda Jazz18.61712.90744,2%
4622Peugeot 20818.58228.146-34,0%
4745Peugeot 200817.73619.794-10,4%
48125Peugeot 300817.7267.224145,4%
49Opel Mokka X17.355
5052Audi Q317.14518.125-5,4%
5140Volkswagen Passat17.02721.437-20,6%
5229Opel Insignia16.88425.095-32,7%
5344Seat Ibiza16.81120.043-16,1%
54109Citroen C316.6988.60694,0%
55100Audi A516.6159.66072,0%
5661Volvo XC6016.30216.0091,8%
5762Dacia Sandero16.08415.9860,6%
5841Renault Kadjar15.86620.869-24,0%
5990Mercedes GLC15.17511.17535,8%
6084Peugeot Partner14.99112.20522,8%
61Toyota C-HR14.680
6275BMW X114.61413.22510,5%
6357Toyota Auris14.48716.529-12,4%
6458Volvo V4014.25616.494-13,6%
6566Ford Ecosport14.20415.368-7,6%
6680Peugeot Boxer14.06212.63611,3%
6785Mercedes GLA13.87611.62319,4%
6863Citroen Berlingo13.87515.890-12,7%
6976Kia Picanto13.86313.0985,8%
70111Ford KA13.7538.52161,4%
7174Volkswagen Up!13.55513.2452,3%
7288Nissan Micra13.18411.27716,9%
7365Honda CR-V13.05615.466-15,6%
7454Ford Ranger13.04417.632-26,0%
75116Jaguar F-Pace13.0278.18259,2%
7648Audi A612.76818.698-31,7%
7751Peugeot 10812.75018.126-29,7%
7867Hyundai i2012.71415.108-15,8%
7950Ford C-max12.65518.196-30,5%
80Audi Q212.629
8149Ford Mondeo12.62718.632-32,2%
8273Renault Trafic12.55813.289-5,5%
83142Volkswagen Caddy12.2965.586120,1%
8483Opel Zafira12.21912.455-1,9%
8586Suzuki Vitara11.93311.5703,1%
86114Mini Countryman11.8078.27042,8%
8781Land Rover Range Rover Sport11.62512.534-7,3%
8871Skoda Yeti11.53813.691-15,7%
8979Audi Q511.44512.680-9,7%
9072Jaguar XE11.37113.498-15,8%
9164Citroen C4 Picasso11.01715.773-30,2%
92101Land Rover Discovery10.8969.65012,9%
9397Skoda Superb10.81010.1736,3%
9456Peugeot 30810.41116.591-37,2%
95104Mitsubishi L20010.4069.5359,1%
96Seat Ateca10.347
9768Opel Viva9.96314.297-30,3%
9847Citroen C19.54319.155-50,2%
99206Mitsubishi Outlander9.3192.275309,6%
100108Mercedes CLA9.2908.6107,9%