USA best selling Cars. The top 100 in the 2018

USA best selling cars

USA best selling Cars in 2018 with impressive performance scored by the Chevrolet Equinox – up 14.5% – gaining the 8th position. The market leader, the Ford F-Series, is followed by the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ram pick-up.

In the 2018 the US domestic vehicles market is moderately positive. Indeed, registrations hava closed at 17.340.955 units, reaching the 4th largest annual gain in US history. The market improved 0.6% from last year, ending for the fifth time ever above 17 million annual sales.

Looking at the ranking of the 2018 best-selling models, this is the 43rd under the Ford F-Series leadership, as the gap to all others competitors is too wide for a model which just scored the record becoming last year the fourth model in the history to deliver over 1 million units is a single year.

As far as the best selling light vehicles ranking, the Ford F-Series sales have been 909.330 (+1.4%) with a huge gap over the followers, the Chevrolet Silverado with 583.227 units (-0.5%) and the Ram Pick up with 536.980 (+7.2%).

In fourth place the Toyota RAV4 with 427.168 units (+4.8%) ahead of  the Nissan Rogue with 412.110 sales (+2.1%), the Honda CR-V with 379.013 units (+0.3%) and the Toyota Camry with 343.439 (-11.3%).

In eight place the Chevrolet Equinox with 332.552 (+14.5%) followed by the Honda Civic with 325.760 (-13.7%) and in 10th place by the Toyota Corolla with 303.732 units (-7.7%).

Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

F2M covers intensively this market with several products developed to help any investigation required. Market Researches in PDF are immediately available for download with study on the market since 2005 and with forecast up to the 2025. AutoData in EXCEL are immediately downloadable with annual sales volume, split by month, for all brands and all models distributed in the market. This year data are released year to date, but you will receive a monthly update until the year-end.  See details within USA Corner Store!

Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
11Ford F-Series909.330896.7641,4%
22Chevrolet Silverado583.227585.864-0,5%
33Ram pick-up536.980500.7237,2%
44Toyota RAV4427.168407.5944,8%
55Nissan Rogue412.110403.4652,1%
67Honda CR-V379.013377.8950,3%
76Toyota Camry343.439387.081-11,3%
812Chevrolet Equinox332.552290.45814,5%
98Honda Civic325.760377.286-13,7%
109Toyota Corolla303.732329.196-7,7%
1110Honda Accord291.071322.655-9,8%
1211Ford Escape272.228308.296-11,7%
1313Ford Explorer261.571271.131-3,5%
1421Toyota Tacoma245.658198.12424,0%
1518Toyota Highlander244.511215.77513,3%
1622Jeep Wrangler240.031190.52226,0%
1727Jeep Cherokee239.437169.88240,9%
1815Jeep Grand Cherokee224.908240.696-6,6%
1916Nissan Sentra213.046218.451-2,5%
2017GMC Sierra211.314217.943-3,0%
2114Nissan Altima209.146254.996-18,0%
2220Hyundai Elantra200.415198.2101,1%
2323Subaru Outback178.853188.886-5,3%
2419Ford Fusion173.600209.623-17,2%
2526Subaru Forester171.613177.563-3,4%
2661Jeep Compass171.16783.253105,6%
2735Honda Pilot159.615127.27925,4%
2836Dodge Grand Caravan151.927125.19621,4%
2933Mazda CX-5150.522127.56318,0%
3025Chevrolet Cruze147.149184.751-20,4%
3137Chevrolet Traverse145.915123.50618,1%
3248Subaru Crosstrek144.384110.13831,1%
3324Chevrolet Malibu143.883185.857-22,6%
3444Hyundai Tucson142.029114.73523,8%
35262Tesla Model 3140.3172.3205948,1%
3632Toyota 4Runner139.694128.2968,9%
3734Ford Transit137.794127.3608,2%
3829Ford Edge134.122142.603-5,9%
3945Chevrolet Colorado133.387112.99618,0%
4060GMC Terrain118.82085.44139,1%
4138Chrysler Pacifica118.322118.2740,0%
4241Toyota Tundra118.258116.2851,7%
4330Hyundai Santa fe117.038133.171-12,1%
4428Ford Focus113.345158.385-28,4%
4549Lexus RX111.636108.3073,1%
4654Kia Sorento107.84699.6848,2%
4753Honda Odyssey106.327100.3076,0%
4840Subaru Impreza105.130117.401-10,5%
4931Hyundai Sonata105.118131.803-20,2%
5043Kia Soul104.709115.712-9,5%
5155Chevrolet Tahoe103.27498.9614,4%
52100Volkswagen Tiguan103.02246.983119,3%
5339Kia Forte101.890117.596-13,4%
5450Kia Optima101.603107.493-5,5%
5552Jeep Renegade97.062103.434-6,2%
5659Buick Encore95.75988.0358,8%
5757Dodge Journey94.09689.4705,2%
5847GMC Acadia93.689111.276-15,8%
5942Volkswagen Jetta90.785115.807-21,6%
6064Chevrolet Trax88.40079.28911,5%
6146Toyota Sienna87.672111.489-21,4%
6256Honda HR-V85.49494.034-9,1%
6366Nissan Murano83.54776.7328,9%
6470Kia Sportage82.82372.82413,7%
6558Dodge Charger80.22688.351-9,2%
6669Nissan Frontier79.64674.3607,1%
6777Chevrolet Express79.47265.13622,0%
6876Toyota Prius78.26067.17016,5%
6962Ford Mustang75.84281.866-7,4%
7051Nissan Versa75.809106.772-29,0%
7183Audi Q571.04257.64023,3%
7297Mercedes GLC69.72948.64343,3%
7363Nissan Pathfinder67.55081.065-16,7%
7478Dodge Challenger66.71664.5373,4%
7572Dodge Durango65.94768.761-4,1%
7791Acura RDX63.58051.29523,9%
7881Lexus NX62.07959.3414,6%
79107BMW X361.35140.69150,8%
8073Cadillac XT560.83568.312-10,9%
8165Mercedes C Class60.41077.446-22,0%
8284Chevrolet Suburban60.30756.5166,7%
83137Volkswagen Atlas59.67727.119120,1%
8467Chevrolet Impala57.48275.877-24,2%
8589Ford Expedition54.66151.8835,4%
86331Ford Ecosport54.348-
87101Ford Fiesta51.73046.24911,9%
8885Acura MDX51.51254.886-6,1%
8974Chevrolet Camaro51.23267.940-24,6%
9088Nissan Titan50.45952.924-4,7%
91141Toyota C-HR49.64225.75592,7%
9290Lexus ES48.48251.398-5,7%
9387Ford E-Series47.93653.304-10,1%
9499Buick Enclave47.27348.564-2,7%
95331Hyundai Kona47.090-
96110Infiniti QX6046.83040.44415,8%
97109Ram ProMaster46.60040.48315,1%
9892Chrysler 30046.59351.237-9,1%
9998Mercedes E Class46.42448.579-4,4%
10086Mercedes GLE46.01054.595-15,7%