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USA best selling Cars. The top 100 in the 2018

USA best selling carsJeep-Wrangler_Unlimited-2018

USA best selling Cars year to date 2018 with impressive performance scored by the Jeep Compass and Wrangler, gaining respectively 37 and 11 positions in the ranking. Outstanding performance reported for the Mazda CX-5, the Honda Pilot and the Volkswagen Tiguan.

US Vehicles market track in the 2018 is positive and the full year could represent the new all time record, pushed up by expansion in the economy. Indeed, having ended the Q1 with 4.115.000 sales (+2.0%) and the Q2 with 4.526.000 (+2.4%), in July sales have been 1.373.710 (-2.9%) and in August 1.496.937 (+0.9%) with Year to Date figures at 11.5 million (+1.3%).

Looking at the ranking of the best-selling models, this will be the 43rd under the Ford F-Series leadership, as the gap to all others competitors is too wide for a model which just scored the record becoming  last year the fourth model in the history to deliver over 1 million units is a single year.

As far as the best selling light vehicles ranking, we must highlight as first the performance of the Jeep Wrangler, up 9 spots, landing in 13th place with 154.800 sales (+31.6%), the best y.o.y. score among the top 24 models, and the Jeep Compass, up 37 spots, landing in 24th place with 99.810 units (+239%). Other great performances scored by the Mazda CX-5, up 36.0%, the Honda Pilot, up 38%, the Subaru Crosstrek, up 69%, the GMC Terrain, up 44%, the Volkswagen Tiguan, up 232% and the Mercedes GLC.

Scroolling through the top ranking, Ford F-Series sales year to date have been 603.926 (+4.8%) with a huge gap over the followers, the Chevrolet Silverado with 381.290 units (+4.9%) and the Ram Pick up with 323.727 (-1.2%).

In fourth place the Toyota RAV4 with 281.705 units (+4.4%) ahead of  the Nissan Rogue with 275.137 sales (+6.7%), the Honda CR-V with 247.034 units (-1.2%) and the Toyota Camry with 235.247 (-5.1%).

In eight place the Honda Civic with 230.230 (-7.5%) followed by the Toyota Corolla with 214.371 units (-7.8%) and in 10th place by the Chevrolet Equinox, up 2 spots, with 209.232 (+13.0%).

Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

F2M covers intensively this market with several products developed to help any investigation required. Market Researches in PDF are immediately available for download with study on the market since 2005 and with forecast up to the 2025. AutoData in EXCEL are immediately downloadable with annual sales volume, split by month, for all brands and all models distributed in the market. This year data are released year to date, but you will receive a monthly update until the year-end.  See details within USA Corner Store!

Rank 2018Rank 2017MODELSales 2018Sales AugustVariation 2018Variation August
11Ford F-Series603.92681.8394,8%6,3%
22Chevrolet Silverado381.29049.1404,9%-9,7%
33Ram pick-up323.72749.912-1,2%32,7%
44Toyota RAV4281.70542.2224,4%-2,4%
55Nissan Rogue275.13733.4006,7%11,9%
67Honda CR-V247.03434.610-1,2%11,8%
76Toyota Camry235.24730.141-5,1%-18,6%
88Honda Civic230.23027.677-7,5%-24,1%
99Toyota Corolla214.37126.155-7,8%-5,4%
1012Chevrolet Equinox209.23223.37013,0%-17,3%
1110Honda Accord189.94226.725-14,1%-11,0%
1211Ford Escape189.65224.395-9,0%3,2%
1313Ford Explorer175.52324.035-1,3%15,8%
1422Jeep Wrangler174.96820.16830,2%20,0%
1521Toyota Tacoma161.64423.53425,0%35,3%
1618Toyota Highlander158.71323.30015,1%23,6%
1727Jeep Cherokee155.90721.97844,3%85,1%
1814Nissan Altima154.73214.925-15,6%1,6%
1916Nissan Sentra148.35213.3141,2%-12,9%
2015Jeep Grand Cherokee147.34120.072-7,3%-14,8%
2117GMC Sierra129.21818.770-5,1%8,8%
2220Hyundai Elantra128.95615.4750,2%2,3%
2323Subaru Outback125.09718.0060,8%-11,4%
2461Jeep Compass116.14916.339172,8%75,6%
2519Ford Fusion109.08611.286-21,2%-35,1%
2626Subaru Forester108.47115.435-8,7%-0,6%
2736Dodge Grand Caravan107.10613.0392,5%-23,8%
2833Mazda CX-5106.09012.97032,4%11,5%
2935Honda Pilot104.43715.33241,3%60,2%
3025Chevrolet Cruze103.16011.955-23,0%-27,5%
3148Subaru Crosstrek99.03911.90054,0%-7,2%
3237Chevrolet Traverse98.51211.34028,1%0,0%
3324Chevrolet Malibu97.69513.355-16,6%-41,2%
3434Ford Transit94.93112.72518,2%25,1%
3528Ford Focus93.0728.978-17,0%-30,1%
3644Hyundai Tucson92.59811.55927,3%18,5%
3732Toyota 4Runner90.13412.8627,6%24,2%
3829Ford Edge89.76111.563-3,7%6,7%
3945Chevrolet Colorado87.56312.96922,0%26,5%
4038Chrysler Pacifica80.9669.1677,2%20,3%
4130Hyundai Santa fe78.80711.347-6,4%-1,1%
4254Kia Sorento76.73711.99511,3%34,3%
4360GMC Terrain76.6297.37134,0%-20,0%
4441Toyota Tundra76.32811.0582,4%7,2%
4531Hyundai Sonata73.2409.457-25,1%-13,0%
4640Subaru Impreza72.92810.677-8,7%6,9%
47100Volkswagen Tiguan71.9098.557218,7%143,0%
4849Lexus RX70.70110.8755,9%4,7%
4953Honda Odyssey70.4119.8875,1%13,5%
5047GMC Acadia69.3176.592-7,8%-30,6%
5150Kia Optima68.86911.074-7,8%56,6%
5239Kia Forte68.4186.472-16,0%-39,5%
5357Dodge Journey67.8977.243-2,1%27,9%
5452Jeep Renegade67.4758.922-4,8%-0,6%
5543Kia Soul67.3489.113-16,1%-35,6%
5655Chevrolet Tahoe65.3928.4939,5%7,8%
5759Buick Encore65.2347.31515,5%-4,8%
5856Honda HR-V64.0019.361-3,0%-2,5%
5946Toyota Sienna59.8537.092-23,4%-34,7%
6064Chevrolet Trax59.6728.37515,5%2,5%
61Tesla Model 356.41717.800
6262Ford Mustang55.8497.487-0,9%35,3%
6370Kia Sportage55.2646.53811,1%8,7%
6466Nissan Murano54.9689.61917,5%96,5%
6576Toyota Prius54.5427.3015,2%62,2%
6651Nissan Versa54.3013.145-23,8%-53,5%
6777Chevrolet Express53.6816.76613,5%-2,5%
6858Dodge Charger52.4295.280-9,8%-44,8%
6969Nissan Frontier50.8564.5731,5%-1,4%
7042Volkswagen Jetta50.53810.597-36,0%-14,6%
7178Dodge Challenger46.8514.647-1,4%-25,7%
7397Mercedes GLC44.5174.92657,7%9,5%
7463Nissan Pathfinder43.8944.889-19,1%31,2%
7572Dodge Durango42.9585.354-7,6%18,4%
7683Audi Q542.2756.81222,1%42,9%
7773Cadillac XT541.1085.383-3,4%-25,6%
7884Chevrolet Suburban39.2044.78218,5%0,1%
7981Lexus NX38.9695.6445,5%2,3%
8091Acura RDX38.8995.7939,6%23,8%
81137Volkswagen Atlas38.7114.054375,8%44,4%
8265Mercedes C Class37.5714.071-28,8%-23,2%
8389Ford Expedition36.8945.485-1,8%94,6%
8467Chevrolet Impala36.6524.295-16,3%-54,6%
85107BMW X335.3796.34418,2%117,4%
86122Mitsubishi Outlander Sport35.2622.98068,9%2,8%
87141Toyota C-HR33.7503.823185,0%31,8%
88Ford Ecosport33.7334.769
8987Ford E-Series33.2384.020-7,2%-17,9%
90101Ford Fiesta33.2253.9382,5%-7,3%
9174Chevrolet Camaro32.7734.293-29,2%-14,4%
9271Volkswagen Golf32.6463.593-34,4%-39,7%
9385Acura MDX32.5446.252-0,8%38,0%
9488Nissan Titan31.9324.6610,5%32,4%
9595Honda Fit31.4272.545-12,6%-47,5%
9680BMW 3 Series31.1163.751-16,3%-30,3%
9786Mercedes GLE30.8103.622-10,6%-3,4%
98116Mitsubishi Outlander30.7272.53032,1%-7,3%
9992Chrysler 30030.5333.013-13,8%-26,0%
10079Volkswagen Passat30.2323.873-34,3%-32,2%