USA. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

USA best selling cars

USA best selling Cars ranking in 2019 confirmed for the 45th year the Ford F-Series. leadership keeping the record share obtained in the previous year. The surprise is the advance in second place, first time ever, of the Ram pick-up which ran at the new record share, ahead of the Chevrolet Silverado. Two pickups battled for the leadership among car passenger with the Toyota RAV4 prevailing over the Honda CR-V.

The Ford F-Series has been market leader in US for the last 45 years and in the most recent years grew up as second best-selling vehicle worldwide, also thanks to the best ever sales and share performance ever done in the US. Indeed, while during the period 2010-2016 the F-Series share was between the 4.0 and the 4.9%, since the 2017 it exceed the 5.0% with a 2018 record of 5.2%, that should be maintained at the end of the current year.

For the first time ever, in second place there is the Pick up Ram, which grew up in the last decade from 1.2% in the 2010 to a record of 3.1% in the 2018 and in the 2019 flew up 3.7% conquering the second place, ahead of the traditional Ford-F-Series rival, the Chevrolet Silverado, which is third with 3.4% of market share.

Behind, a hard battle between two pickups was registered for the leadership among the car passengers, both achieving in the 2019 their record share. Eventually, the Toyota RAV4 prevailsed with 2.6% ahead of the Honda CR-V projected at 2.3% by year-end.

USA best selling cars

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelYTD 2019YTD 2019 VarDecember SalesDecember var
11Ford F-Series896.526-1,4%10244616,7%
23Ram pick-up633.69418,0%610301,5%
32Chevrolet Silverado575.600-1,7%8166734,0%
44Toyota RAV4448.0684,9%412826,8%
56Honda CR-V384.1681,4%36098-14,2%
65Nissan Rogue350.447-15,0%27331-35,7%
78Chevrolet Equinox346.0484,0%4249214,4%
87Toyota Camry336.978-1,9%26309-9,6%
99Honda Civic325.6500,0%22913-13,2%
1010Toyota Corolla304.8500,4%23742-6,7%
1111Honda Accord267.567-8,1%19682-31,2%
1214Toyota Tacoma248.8011,3%20727-3,7%
1318Jeep Grand Cherokee242.9698,0%2274111,3%
1412Ford Escape241.388-11,3%7876-60,9%
1515Toyota Highlander239.437-2,1%20449-11,6%
1619GMC Sierra232.3235,8%3576540,5%
1716Jeep Wrangler228.032-5,0%15647-21,0%
1821Nissan Altima209.1830,0%1913212,1%
1917Jeep Cherokee191.397-20,1%17022-18,2%
2013Ford Explorer187.061-28,5%18384-17,5%
2120Nissan Sentra184.618-13,3%11033-37,2%
2223Subaru Outback181.1781,3%166615,1%
2325Subaru Forester180.1795,0%16436-6,8%
2422Hyundai Elantra175.094-12,6%1872024,2%
2524Ford Fusion166.045-4,4%7543-53,0%
2635Tesla Model 3158.92513,7%15465-38,8%
2730Mazda CX-5154.5432,6%1573414,5%
2837Ford Transit153.86811,7%1485630,9%
2931Chevrolet Traverse147.1220,4%12095-19,1%
3026Jeep Compass143.934-15,9%12666-0,6%
3139Ford Edge138.5153,3%1991731,6%
3228Hyundai Tucson137.381-10,7%11224-27,0%
3327Honda Pilot135.008-15,4%11250-28,3%
3432Chevrolet Malibu131.917-8,7%1559011,1%
3536Toyota 4Runner131.864-5,6%11529-13,4%
3633Subaru Crosstrek131.152-9,2%10140-10,2%
3742Hyundai Santa fe127.3738,8%10350-8,8%
3829Dodge Grand Caravan122.648-19,3%531-94,5%
3938Chevrolet Colorado122.304-9,3%7304-35,6%
4058Chevrolet Trax116.81629,9%22451165,2%
4141Toyota Tundra111.673-5,6%8714-22,3%
4245Lexus RX111.036-0,5%140696,4%
4351Volkswagen Tiguan109.9636,7%7931-7,2%
4456Buick Encore102.40210,0%1369655,2%
4543GMC Terrain101.470-11,2%1325710,9%
4650Chevrolet Tahoe101.189-2,8%1362-85,4%
4757Volkswagen Jetta100.45310,6%8164-20,4%
4859GMC Acadia99.42912,2%8001-15,8%
4947Honda Odyssey99.113-6,8%8734-16,9%
5061Honda HR-V99.10415,9%919945,7%