USA best selling Cars. The top 100 in the 2019

USA best selling cars

USA best selling Cars in 2019 with impressive performance scored by the Toyota Corolla – up 16.6% – gaining the 6th position. The market leader, the Ford F-Series, is followed by the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ram pick-up.

The 2019 start was negative and the market seems having lost its stability as both January and February trends were negative:  -3% with 1.123.345 sales and -3.3% with 1.258.042 units respectively.

Looking at the ranking of the 2019 best-selling models, this is the 44rd under the Ford F-Series leadership, as the gap to all others competitors is too wide for a model which just scored the record becoming the fourth model in the history to deliver over 1 million units in a single year.

As far as the best selling light vehicles ranking, the Ford F-Series sales have been 128.114 (+0.7%) with a huge gap over the followers, the Chevrolet Silverado with 76.333 units (-8%) and the Ram Pick up with 74.839 (+19.4%).

In fourth place the Nissan Rogue  with 58.012 units (-21.9%) ahead of Honda CR-V the  with 55.456 sales (+10.5%), the Toyota Corolla with 54.129 units (+16.6%) and the Chevrolet Equinox  with 52.769 (+4.6%).

In eight place the Toyota RAV4  with 50.654 (-10.4%) followed by the Toyota Camry  with 48.069 (-13.4%) and in 10th place the Honda Civic  with 44.532 units (-10.2%).

Market Outlook

After having recovered from the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the U.S. market is expected to keep growing during the 2019-2025 period of time. However, a still-likely escalation of the trade war with China is the main downside risk and would amplify the ongoing global growth slowdown. A large fiscal deficit and high corporate debt levels are also main medium-term vulnerabilities.

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F.Y. 2018
2019 YTD
YTD +/-
February +/-
11Ford F-Series128.11466.1220,7%5,2%
22Chevrolet Silverado76.33335.078-8,0%1,3%
33Ram pick-up74.83939.95019,4%18,8%
54Nissan Rogue58.01231.899-21,9%-27,8%
65Honda CR-V55.45626.30410,5%19,8%
106Toyota Corolla54.12929.01616,6%17,3%
87Chevrolet Equinox52.76929.5864,6%-12,2%
48Toyota RAV450.65426.149-10,4%-8,1%
79Toyota Camry48.06924.267-13,4%-3,4%
910Honda Civic44.53222.979-10,2%-9,2%
1311Ford Explorer41.09821.7885,8%7,3%
1112Honda Accord39.04020.2544,3%6,3%
1213Ford Escape38.70421.055-3,2%-6,9%
2014GMC Sierra35.51317.94045,6%56,6%
1415Toyota Tacoma35.38518.5335,5%0,8%
1816Jeep Grand Cherokee33.08418.009-2,2%-7,9%
1517Toyota Highlander31.79717.3841,1%-6,9%
1918Nissan Sentra31.16017.072-10,7%-20,5%
1719Jeep Cherokee31.15816.02016,1%3,5%
2120Nissan Altima28.40516.216-28,8%-39,6%
1621Jeep Wrangler28.02515.0011,3%10,9%
2522Subaru Forester26.45113.13317,6%22,8%
2923Mazda CX-524.02913.377-9,9%-20,9%
2424Ford Fusion23.67513.660-12,6%-3,3%
2325Subaru Outback23.26912.328-14,8%-17,6%
3826Ford Edge22.9339.77022,4%54,5%
2627Jeep Compass22.36112.063-14,7%1,0%
3328Chevrolet Malibu20.84712.5837,2%9,4%
3629Toyota 4Runner20.3199.9842,7%6,9%
3730Ford Transit20.31310.44218,3%31,4%
2231Hyundai Elantra20.24610.304-31,9%-29,1%
2832Dodge Grand Caravan19.63412.521-26,9%-31,7%
2733Honda Pilot19.54610.990-17,4%-26,4%
3134Chevrolet Traverse18.77810.364-19,0%-27,6%
4335Hyundai Santa fe17.7549.9223,5%2,0%
3436Hyundai Tucson16.8559.4116,6%1,0%
3237Subaru Crosstrek16.4938.257-17,8%-12,7%
5038Kia Soul15.6938.59224,9%19,6%
5739Dodge Journey15.4908.25890,2%115,1%
4040GMC Terrain15.4628.420-11,1%-1,2%
5241Volkswagen Tiguan14.8508.145-16,2%-19,9%
4142Chrysler Pacifica14.8177.854-24,0%-13,1%
4243Toyota Tundra14.7497.590-5,6%-6,3%
3944Chevrolet Colorado14.2507.865-11,3%-20,3%
4645Kia Sorento14.1127.3865,6%9,8%
7046Nissan Versa14.0597.410-2,7%-8,3%
5947Volkswagen Jetta13.9847.10953,4%52,0%
3048Chevrolet Cruze13.6526.639-42,5%-35,4%
6249Honda HR-V13.0677.0930,1%-4,6%
5450Kia Optima13.0657.21212,6%12,6%
5351Kia Forte12.9086.953-10,0%-11,0%
6452Kia Sportage12.7316.7689,9%4,4%
4953Hyundai Sonata12.6936.481-0,3%3,1%
4554Lexus RX12.5627.054-10,1%-18,3%
4755Honda Odyssey12.4866.658-4,9%-4,5%
10156GMC Yukon12.4146.760120,2%109,3%
6657Nissan Frontier12.3536.291-11,1%2,7%
5858GMC Acadia12.2986.697-32,2%-24,8%
3559Tesla Model 312.2505.750145,0%160,0%
4860Subaru Impreza12.2126.278-16,6%-18,4%
6561Dodge Charger11.7576.547-7,9%0,3%
5162Chevrolet Tahoe11.7216.469-16,8%-26,5%
5663Buick Encore11.6046.21712,1%16,0%
9564Hyundai Kona11.3825.6865619,6%#DIV/0!
8565Ford Expedition11.2365.79744,1%58,2%
11266Subaru Ascent11.1416.160#DIV/0!#DIV/0!
5567Jeep Renegade10.7695.909-27,7%-26,8%
6768Chevrolet Express10.7085.910-13,3%-23,1%
6069Chevrolet Trax10.6285.866-13,4%-22,0%
7570Dodge Durango10.3936.1050,3%-16,7%
6171Toyota Sienna10.2655.286-36,1%-41,8%
7372Nissan Pathfinder10.1284.860-11,4%-0,3%
8673Ford Ecosport9.8335.073251,2%852,0%
8174Mercedes C Class9.4884.81213,4%5,8%
7776Acura RDX9.1374.96535,8%40,9%
7277Mercedes GLC9.0844.176-10,9%2,4%
9178Toyota C-HR8.8454.7435,7%4,0%
7179Audi Q58.6994.3591,7%6,2%
8380Volkswagen Atlas8.5984.795-5,2%-11,6%
9781Ram ProMaster8.3914.632109,5%112,3%
9682Infiniti QX608.3054.11720,2%38,3%
7883Lexus NX8.1424.160-3,8%-5,3%
8784Ford Fiesta7.9134.1657,9%-0,7%
7985BMW X37.8414.70625,8%6,1%
6986Ford Mustang7.8234.003-25,7%-19,3%
6387Nissan Murano7.4923.412-42,2%-39,9%
10288BMW X57.4524.3603,0%-4,3%
14789Nissan Kicks7.3753.563#DIV/0!#DIV/0!
8290Chevrolet Suburban7.2203.985-29,8%-38,8%
9491Buick Enclave7.1733.84322,4%22,7%
10692Nissan Maxima6.9613.504-20,2%-20,2%
7493Dodge Challenger6.8693.639-27,7%-5,1%
8894Acura MDX6.8013.8337,9%0,0%
9995Mercedes E Class6.6823.424-20,6%-20,5%
10496BMW 5 Series6.6552.97618,0%49,8%
9297Lexus ES6.4683.32421,5%19,1%
11498Ford Taurus6.3823.3590,3%-6,9%
8099Cadillac XT56.1213.232-29,3%-27,6%
108100Mitsubishi Outlander6.1073.628-26,5%-17,9%