Vietnam Automotive news are amazing this year with sales booming.

Vietnam Automotive news

Vietnam Automotive news are amazing this year with sales booming on top of the 2014 all-time record. In May sales soared 40% with Kia that has sharply taken distance from the former leader Toyota.

Economic Outlook

Vietnam’s government has tried to fortify its rapidly expanding economy through efficient investment and by implementing financial reforms. Moves to boost competitiveness, including tax breaks for business and infrastructure improvements, have strengthened the manufacturing sector.

The manufacturing PMI has trended upward in recent months, peaking at a record 54.8 in May. Manufacturing has improved despite a downward trend in global demand and strong competitiveness in the country’s export markets.

Further progress is required, however, in consolidating public and private debt and in reforming the banking sector. The State Bank of Vietnam stated in late May that it intends to reduce the number of non-performing loans in the banking system to 3% of total loans by the end of the year.

Market Outlook

Following three years of fast speed with 2014 hitting the all.time record, Vietnamese market is booming again in the 2015.

After having hit the best first quarter ever with sales up 68.7% from the Q1 2014, in the second quarter the market kept a strong speed with April up 50.4% and May strong again.

Indeed, according to data collected in the market by focus2move from VAMA, the Vietnam Associations of Car Manufacturers and the independent importers, total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 15.875, up 41.9% from the correspondent month last year.

As result, the cumulative sales in the first five month of the year had been 77.374, up 58.4% running towards a spectacular record.

Competitive Arena

During the first quarter 2015 Kia attacked the Toyota leadership, with a surpass in March but not in the quarter. However, keeping selling speed Kia has consolidated the leadership in the following month and now is the leader also in the cumulative figure.

In May Kia has sold 5.258 units (+208.5%) with share at 31.6% while Toyota was second with 3.880 sales (+37.4%) and Ford was third with 1.747 (+87.4%).

As far as group’s performance, in May the leader was the Hyundai-Kia with 33.4% of share well ahead of the former leader Toyota, second with 24.0% while Ford was third with 10.5%.

As far as best-selling models ranking, in May the Toyota Vios was on top with 865 units (+22.5%), followed by the Ford Ranger with 818 (+165.6%), the  Toyota Fortuner with 780 units (+27.5%) and the Toyota Innova with 753 (+47.9%).

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank MayRank YTDBrandSales MaySales YTD MayVar MayVar YTD MayShare MarShare AprShare May
Rank MayRank YTDGroupSales MaySales YTD MayVar MayVar YTD MayShare MarShare AprShare May
67General Motors6182.78950,0%32,5%3,6%3,6%3,7%
78Isuzu Motors6112.396232,1%213,3%2,5%3,7%3,7%
911Mercedes Daimler3201.37930,1%57,4%1,9%1,5%1,9%
Rank MayRank 2015ModelSales MaySales 2015Var MayVar 2015Share MayShare YTDShare Apr
11Toyota Vios8655.12722,5%127,8%7,4%8,4%8,6%
25Ford Ranger8182.764165,6%105,0%7,0%4,5%6,4%
32Toyota Fortuner7803.77127,5%52,5%6,6%6,2%7,4%
43Toyota Innova7533.56647,9%17,4%6,4%5,9%6,8%
56Kia Morning6442.61270,4%46,3%5,5%4,3%4,4%
64Toyota Corolla5322.83662,7%70,0%4,5%4,7%5,2%
713Toyota Camry4911.22415,3%-38,8%4,2%2,0%2,3%
88Ford Transit4511.96272,8%42,8%3,8%3,2%4,1%
910Mazda BT-503811.618135,2%159,7%3,2%2,7%2,7%
109Mazda CX-53431.72250,4%88,4%2,9%2,8%2,8%
1111Honda CR-V3361.61134,4%35,8%2,9%2,6%2,7%
1315Chevrolet Spark2961.20448,0%39,5%2,5%2,0%2,0%
1412Ford Ecosport2891.446478,0%2792,0%2,5%2,4%2,2%
159Kia K32871.72214,8%54,4%2,4%2,8%2,8%
1618Suzuki Carry28498724,0%24,8%2,4%1,6%1,7%
1714Honda City2691.21684,2%-5,3%2,3%2,0%1,7%
1816Kia Rio2161.055292,7%558,1%1,8%1,7%2,1%
1920Toyota Yaris187962211,7%183,8%1,6%1,6%1,6%

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