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thank you very much for visiting focus2move.com. This new site has been released on March 12, 2014 exactly two years after the original site.

Focus2move today is the World’s leader provider of free professional data on car market, covering over 87 Markets, with monthly or quarterly reports.  On top of these, we are tracking also other markets but as soon as we don’t got affordable and exhaustive data we prefer to not write over them. Our Research Team is always searching for new data, new sources and new markets and very soon we will cover additional markets, such as Angola, Kenia, Lybia, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, Moldova, Monaco, Laos and Luxemburg aiming to hit the 100 covered market very soon.

We have now developed a robust database with data for each market, each brand and each model. Aggregating and reading these data with huge professional acumen and over 25 of sector experience, we release unique reports, like the World’s Best-selling models, brands and countries. All these sections are available for free for you!

During the first two years, we welcomed over half a million unique visitors with over 2 millions pages viewed. With the new site, we would like to now a bit more about you. So, after the first week, when the entire site will be fully accessible, we will ask readers to register or login before entering the free areas of the site. By using “Social Networks registrations tool” we will help you on doing this fast and easy. Memorizing your password in your device (PC, Tablet or Smartphone) you will be recognized and directly enter any time.

Moreover, following the several suggestions received and the huge demand for new and additional data, focus2move today includes three new areas: Brand, Models and Market Research. This areas will give you access to unique reports to download by subscription. They will be charged a very honest price while the contents will be unrivalled. Actually we will put on sales single report while in future annual subscriptions will be available customizable in line with your specific areas of interest.

We will keep providing customized research based on our Clients need. For information about, just contact us at info@focus2move.com.

My Team and I would really appreciate any comment – positive or not – you would like to give us. Please, leave a comment in the many areas available for this.

More, if purchasing a report you’ll find something could be added, please ask us and we will incorporate your ideas inside our products.

Enjoy your visit at focus2move.com and enjoy your life!


Carlo Simongini

Founder & Managing Partner


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