World Best Selling Car Ranking. The best 100 in 2019

World Best Selling Car

World Best Selling Car ranking in the 2019 was still under the leading of the Toyota Corolla, followed by Ford F-Series. The third place is held by the Toyota RAV4, after losing the podium for a few months from the Honda Civic, still in the fourth place. The Ram pick-up keeps climbing the ranking, gaining the 8th position.

Global Market Trend

The Global light vehicles market in 2018 has broken the growth after seven years losing terrain from the previous year with total sales at 93.6 million units, down 0.7%, well below any expectations.

In the 2019 the market followed the previous year’s negative trend. Indeed, in March sales declined deeply,  registering 8.205.427 units (-7.1%). The Q1 figures were 21.009.192, losing 7.4%.

In April the market moved down 7.2% with 6.694.638 units sold, and in May declined by 9.5% with 7.044.099 units. In June, the market fell down again 8.2% with 7.202.939 sales, while in July registrations went marginally down (-2.3%) with 6.740.259 units sold, leading year-to-date figures at 48.9 million (-6.4%).

The Top 100 Models Ranking

The competition among the best vehicles sold in the World, in the 2017 was focused by the astonishing escalade of the Ford F-Series, advanced in second place, first time above 1 million units, as reported in the focus2move official report, Best Selling Cars Ranking 2017. We will keep on track single segment performance, in the reports by segments section, but here we report on the total light vehicles sales.

In the 2019, the year-to-date ranking shows in the first place the Toyota Corolla with 713.971 units sold (-0.5%).

In the second place, Ford F-Series with 622.867 (-0.1%) holding a flat trend.

The Toyota RAV4 held the third place with 519.894 (+7.3%), involved in a harsh fight with the Honda Civic, currently fourth with 491.691 sales (+0.6%). The Honda CR-V slides in the 5th place with 455.075 units (+17.8%).

In the 6th place, the Volkswagen Tiguan with 429.180 (-11.4%), ahead of the Volkswagen Golf with 417.002 (-18.1%) and the Ram Pick-up with 406.580 (+23.6%).

In the 9th place, the Toyota Camry with 406.321 (+3.4%), while the Volkswagen Polo registering 367.309 units, down 16.8%.

Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales YTD July 2019Sales July 2019'+/- YTD 2019'+/-July 2019
11Toyota Corolla713.971115.934-0,5%6,1%
22Ford F-Series622.86784.431-0,1%-2,5%
33Toyota RAV4519.89477.9127,3%1,2%
44Honda Civic491.69175.5830,6%8,3%
57Honda CR-V455.07573.91617,8%31,7%
65Volkswagen Tiguan429.18058.663-11,4%-15,5%
76Volkswagen Golf417.00352.652-18,1%-17,8%
811Ram pick-up406.58059.73823,6%30,4%
99Toyota Camry406.32157.5353,4%4,7%
108Volkswagen Polo367.30949.078-16,8%-23,3%
1110Chevrolet Silverado338.29950.886-9,8%-0,1%
1214Toyota Hilux317.43545.1424,1%4,4%
1315Honda Accord309.32745.91411,0%8,1%
1413Hyundai Tucson300.97545.948-8,2%5,3%
1516Nissan Qashqai287.67543.942-8,4%6,4%
1617Volkswagen Lavida287.28036.9463,5%2,5%
1718Kia Sportage283.14738.7480,7%-8,2%
1822Mercedes C Class272.02535.318-4,2%2,8%
1931Toyota Yaris260.71134.2289,3%-4,5%
2027Chevrolet Equinox254.78035.2501,1%9,1%
2125Mazda CX-5254.65237.283-7,4%8,2%
2220Nissan Sylphy240.57025.343-3,3%-27,7%
2334Renault Clio238.31025.376-4,1%-20,4%
2432Mercedes E Class235.95931.6680,3%51,9%
2512Hyundai Elantra230.59734.726-35,2%-18,2%
2624Nissan Rogue224.99029.190-16,2%-2,0%
2738Mercedes GLC220.88230.466-2,1%5,2%
2829Nissan X-Trail219.73630.456-8,0%12,7%
2928Volkswagen Passat213.80928.031-23,1%-39,6%
3026Ford Focus213.32526.248-29,4%-12,8%
3123Haval H6209.45823.481-15,0%-10,9%
3243Toyota C-HR208.45028.8259,3%3,3%
3337BMW 5 Series207.81530.905-3,4%5,1%
3435Ford Fiesta206.25526.957-16,0%-11,8%
3533Skoda Octavia206.23528.058-13,8%-12,6%
3636Toyota Highlander202.11432.252-2,1%-1,2%
3730Jeep Compass201.82027.617-16,9%-12,7%
3819Volkswagen Jetta197.29416.472-22,5%-59,6%
3946Isuzu D-Max196.06025.0254,6%3,8%
4021Wuling Hongguang194.14414.736-25,1%-22,1%
41125volkswagen T-Roc193.50828.189119,5%50,2%
4245Ford Ecosport193.50727.561-3,3%-6,9%
4342Audi A4191.84626.246-12,4%-15,9%
4441BMW 3 Series190.92720.701-9,8%-13,7%
4544Ford Escape187.26326.083-7,5%1,9%
4654Honda Fit187.16821.0555,5%-27,9%
4770Ford Ranger186.88728.17723,4%38,1%
4859Jeep Grand Cherokee178.55023.50411,1%3,7%
4952Hyundai Santa fe175.41422.7610,0%-8,7%
50159Mercedes A Class174.87825.89498,8%159,9%
5149Honda HR-V173.21726.544-7,7%0,3%
5357Peugeot 208172.20321.836-7,6%2,8%
5455Jeep Wrangler171.36123.185-9,8%-8,7%
5572Ford Transit170.13021.6048,3%1,2%
56111BMW X3169.74925.08686,5%51,1%
5761Renault Captur168.75320.401-3,3%-16,2%
5876Buick Excelle GT167.10814.98929,4%5,7%
5964Subaru Forester165.02524.18215,0%9,2%
60109Hyundai Kona163.53922.25558,6%18,6%
6186Volkswagen Bora163.09226.7467,7%47,4%
6253Nissan Sentra161.76220.590-12,2%-22,2%
6377Citroen C3161.59818.0160,6%0,7%
6482Foton Light Truck158.82720.6810,0%0,0%
6560BMW X1158.70820.652-4,1%8,8%
6666Wuling Mini Truck157.07720.0000,0%0,0%
6756Audi Q5156.78828.031-8,8%14,3%
6880Chevrolet Onix156.70623.80516,5%17,1%
6993Dacia Sandero156.23822.5857,6%13,5%
7067Toyota Tacoma155.03122.2912,3%-5,6%
7158Audi A3154.31323.753-12,1%-7,0%
7271Hyundai Creta152.09019.9300,5%-11,7%
7389Honda N-Box150.90119.6682,5%0,0%
7465GMC Sierra150.35323.1281,2%3,7%
7562Mitsubishi Outlander150.04118.528-9,4%-13,6%
7668Kia Rio149.99721.542-5,9%-0,2%
7775Jeep Renegade148.89320.839-7,8%-4,4%
7897Opel Corsa147.29419.8616,1%24,2%
79105Dacia Duster146.82718.63810,4%3,9%
8088Peugeot 3008142.97017.582-5,7%-15,5%
81169Tesla Model 3140.33316.898240,0%15,7%
8263Volkswagen Santana140.24425.390-9,1%227,0%
83151Nissan Kicks140.08623.31578,3%93,9%
8478Hyundai i20138.91419.516-12,1%-6,8%
8573Maruti Alto138.78712.268-8,1%-49,0%
8648Volkswagen Sagitar137.29822.240-24,2%-9,6%
8747Ford Explorer135.11814.946-25,7%-45,4%
8850Chevrolet Malibu134.96312.770-20,1%-48,2%
89104Hyundai Sonata134.03817.4385,0%-2,6%
9051Jeep Cherokee132.83516.166-24,9%-37,5%
9190Toyota Prius132.21317.902-11,1%-14,1%
92103Subaru Outback130.57321.2900,5%10,5%
93108Chana Light Truck127.71911.5600,0%0,0%
9481Kia Sorento127.19317.886-16,9%-28,8%
9595Nissan Altima127.13212.380-16,9%-31,2%
9685Geely Emgrand EC7124.86315.068-16,1%-25,1%
9784Audi A6124.79820.091-11,9%11,8%
9879Geely Boyue124.72015.006-21,3%-22,7%
99137Fiat Panda122.04314.60714,3%17,5%
100102Peugeot 2008121.74614.837-12,2%-8,7%