World Best Selling Car Ranking March. The best 100 in 2019

World Best Selling Car

World Best Selling Car ranking in the 2019 was still under the leading of the Toyota Corolla, followed by Ford F-Series. The third place is held by Honda Civic, while the Toyota RAV4 slid in the fifth place. The Volkswagen Lavida enters the Top10 with an outstanding performance (+21.3%).


Global Market Trend

The Global light vehicles market in 2018 has broken the growth after seven years losing terrain from the previous year with total sales at 93.6 million units, down 0.7%, well below any expectations.

In the 2019 the market followed the previous year’s negative trend. Indeed, in March sales declined deeply,  registering 8.205.427 units (-7.1%). The Q1 figures were 21.009.192, losing 7.4%.


The Top 100 Models Ranking

The competition among the best vehicles sold in the World, in the 2017 was focused by the astonishing escalade of the Ford F-Series, advanced in second place, first time above 1 million units, as reported in the focus2move official report, Best Selling Cars Ranking 2017. We will keep on track single segment performance, in the reports by segments section, but here we report on the total light vehicles sales.

In the 2018 ranking, the Toyota Corolla (all versions) is again on top with 1.187.000 units sold, down 1.1%. It is followed by the Ford F-Series with 1.081.000 sales (+0.5%) which in recent months was running slow.

In the 2019, the year-to-date ranking shows in the first place, even poorly performing, the Toyota Corolla with 282.637 units sold (-7.2%).

In the second place, Ford F-Series with 252.013 (+1.4%) still running slowly.

The Honda Civic managed to gain the 3th place with 203.103 (+2.9%), followed tight by Honda CR-V with 190.319 (+19.8%). The Toyota RAV4 – down 2 posts – slides in the 5th place with 190.118 units (-2.4%).

In the 6th place, the Volkswagen Golf with 177.503 (-23.3%), ahead of the Volkswagen Tiguan – down 2 spots – with 173.958 (-15%) and the Volkswagen Polo with 167.888 (-3.1%).

In the 9th place, the Toyota Camry with 164.158 (+0.2%) and the Volkswagen Lavida registering 143.686 units, managed to enter the top10 with a fantastic gain of 21.3%.


Data Source

This report is done utilizing data extracted from our GAD (Global Auto Database) the wider Auto Sales Database actually existing in the World, with sales data by region/area/country broken down by type/size/body-style/brand/model since January 2010 to the last month. Data are collected by over 300 sources, including all the official providers (local Minister of Transportations or Associations of car Manufacturers).



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F.Y. 2018
YTD 2019
YTD +/-
19 +/-
11Toyota Corolla282.637100.389-7,2%-9,8%
22Ford F-Series252.013101.9551,4%0,9%
34Honda Civic203.10383.4732,9%2,9%
47Honda CR-V190.31976.48319,8%44,5%
53Toyota RAV4190.11872.162-2,4%-0,2%
66Volkswagen Golf177.50375.551-23,3%-10,4%
75Volkswagen Tiguan173.05868.815-15,0%-12,3%
88Volkswagen Polo167.88859.247-3,1%-7,3%
99Toyota Camry164.15866.2030,2%0,4%
1017Volkswagen Lavida143.68649.76221,3%16,3%
1111Ram pick-up139.51452.56311,5%4,2%
1210Chevrolet Silverado132.26448.486-12,5%-19,4%
1315Honda Accord127.33949.7466,1%16,8%
1418Kia Sportage126.48148.22518,0%23,2%
1514Toyota Hilux125.35644.040-0,2%-2,7%
1616Nissan Qashqai119.72450.932-16,1%-11,8%
1713Hyundai Tucson119.54446.875-11,8%-15,6%
1822Mercedes C Class118.49044.157-4,8%-3,7%
1925Mazda CX-5115.71845.289-7,7%-12,4%
2020Nissan Sylphy115.34645.65921,9%19,3%
2130Toyota Yaris115.01544.57613,6%24,8%
2227Chevrolet Equinox109.33445.1683,1%7,7%
2332Mercedes E Class108.44142.630-0,6%8,4%
2419Volkswagen Jetta107.46532.6067,0%36,3%
2521Wuling Hongguang103.37641.108-31,0%-22,0%
2623Haval H6103.09131.468-19,7%-18,6%
2724Nissan Rogue102.68240.412-19,3%-13,9%
2833Renault Clio100.23945.7380,1%4,0%
2926Ford Focus98.35942.170-28,1%-20,6%
3029Nissan X-Trail98.27343.719-10,0%-3,2%
3138Mercedes GLC97.40339.0423,4%11,4%
3242Toyota C-HR96.22138.82518,5%14,4%
3328Volkswagen Passat95.61238.736-19,5%-14,4%
3441BMW 3 Series94.88143.780-1,5%19,7%
3531Jeep Compass89.52633.004-13,5%-17,4%
3635Ford Fiesta88.58340.397-22,1%-18,0%
3737BMW 5 Series86.89434.229-5,3%-6,3%
3834Skoda Octavia84.93932.154-17,6%-16,9%
3948Honda HR-V84.40932.574-1,8%-3,8%
4012Hyundai Elantra83.94637.721-42,1%-26,9%
4151Isuzu D-Max83.78635.2973,9%3,1%
4276Buick Excelle GT83.34425.96612,6%-34,2%
4344Ford Ecosport82.33631.3842,8%-6,0%
4536Toyota Highlander79.67829.9662,0%-0,4%
46123volkswagen T-Roc78.24532.072194,2%132,4%
4754Honda Fit77.93033.6278,9%22,6%
4845Audi A476.28929.445-14,1%-13,8%
4957Peugeot 20875.81630.394-12,8%-11,6%
5066Wuling Mini Truck75.06932.8480,0%0,0%
5153Nissan Sentra73.60031.226-9,4%-5,9%
5269Ford Ranger73.51828.36610,7%12,9%
53161Mercedes A Class73.11031.78972,9%69,9%
5459Jeep Grand Cherokee72.48030.3917,7%22,2%
5543Ford Escape72.47226.711-10,9%-18,1%
5652Hyundai Santa fe72.19027.9988,0%-9,9%
5763Mitsubishi Outlander72.04532.045-1,0%22,2%
5846Ford Explorer71.89824.880-4,2%-13,6%
5979Citroen C371.77429.754-1,0%5,9%
6061Renault Captur70.59831.4711,4%4,9%
6160BMW X167.85927.009-9,0%-7,7%
6297Opel Corsa66.71431.32112,3%12,3%
6364Subaru Forester66.40224.81215,5%9,0%
6473Maruti Alto66.29117.4674,5%-26,9%
6570Hyundai Creta66.18624.0427,7%8,2%
66110BMW X366.14225.72997,7%107,9%
6789Honda N-Box66.00126.418-3,2%-1,6%
6862Volkswagen Santana65.57823.460-12,1%-4,2%
6978Hyundai i2064.99423.718-4,6%-15,9%
7077Geely Boyue64.88322.367-10,6%2,0%
7155Jeep Wrangler64.18827.042-11,9%-20,7%
72108Chana Light Truck63.91542.3790,0%0,0%
7349Chevrolet Malibu63.61018.083-8,8%-34,5%
74114Hyundai Kona63.55625.75995,3%84,4%
7565GMC Sierra63.47921.29014,6%-11,6%
7686Volkswagen Bora63.45023.399-18,1%-13,6%
7758Audi A363.38225.348-11,5%-8,3%
7867Toyota Tacoma63.23124.6536,3%10,5%
7972Ford Transit62.96426.3276,3%5,4%
8080Chevrolet Onix62.90920.79313,5%20,7%
8156Audi Q562.80925.124-22,7%-23,5%
8288Peugeot 300862.70324.8011,1%4,5%
83105Dacia Duster62.16924.44311,6%21,0%
8485Geely Emgrand EC762.11521.547-5,6%0,3%
85145Saipa Tiba/200-Series61.48319.2490,0%0,0%
8675Jeep Renegade61.13723.557-7,5%-11,4%
8771Kia Rio60.87722.717-7,1%-5,1%
8850Jeep Cherokee60.61322.589-13,8%-29,8%
8993Dacia Sandero60.51423.9336,4%5,8%
9082Foton Light Truck59.91029.5820,0%0,0%
91148Saipa Pride/ 100-Series58.56318.0630,0%0,0%
92130Jac Light Truck58.12929.3170,1%0,0%
93100Nissan Versa57.63722.485-3,6%-5,6%
9447Volkswagen Sagitar57.61525.280-31,0%-21,1%
9568Chevrolet Cavalier56.45714.181-3,0%-43,3%
9684Audi A655.97119.929-15,1%-29,5%
9790Toyota Prius55.80424.238-15,7%-9,1%
98420Roewe Ei555.67218.1927697,2%2447,9%
9995Nissan Altima55.56724.802-19,7%-4,3%
100102Peugeot 200855.42322.001-9,7%-8,9%