Global Auto Market. The ranking by Model in 2020

World Best Selling Car

World Best Selling Car ranking in 2020 shows the Toyota Corolla still on top of the list, followed by the best pick-up sold ever, the Ford F-Series. The third place is still held by the first SUV ever produced, the Toyota RAV4, with 1.2% of share.

The Best Selling Car Models in the World

Born in the 1966 to dominate the World, the Toyota Corolla launched the twelfth generation recently (2018) in over 150 countries and with three body styles and a powerful engine range, with probably the best hybrid engine ever produced for a standard vehicles.

Corolla is the only vehicles actually produced in all the five continents. Actually the production facilities are located in Brazil, (Indaiatuba, São Paulo), Canada (Cambridge, Ontario), China (Tianjin), India (Bangalore), Pakistan (Karachi), South Africa (Durban), USA (Blue Springs, Mississippi), Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey and Venezuela.

We track the global vehicles sales since 2010 and always we had the Toyota Corolla on top of the list with a global share between the 1.3% (2017-2019 time period) and the 1.5%. In 2020, the Corolla is actually reaching 1.6%.

Of course, the podium of this ranking includes only vehicles which have done the history of the industry. This is the case of the second, the most sold pickup ever, the Ford F-Series, leader in North America since 46 years and second best in the World since the 2016. In the new year, the Ford F-Series is holding the position with 1.3% of market share.

In third place the first SUV produced in the World, 22 years ago, which is in the best position ever. The Toyota RAV4 is third since 2018, up 14 places since the 2010.

In the table below, data for the others models between 11th and 50th place are hidden. Wishing to know more, please contact us.

Data Source

This report is done utilizing data extracted from our GAD (Global Auto Database) the wider Auto Sales Database actually existing in the World, with sales data by region/area/country broken down by type/size/body-style/brand/model from January 2010 to the last month. Data are collected by over 300 sources, including all the official providers (local Minister of Transportations or Associations of car Manufacturers).

Service Solutions

Since 2010, is a specialist in the automotive industry tracking monthly sales for all brands and models in the widest in the World range of countries, actually over 150. From this huge database we can extract data sorted under your own conditions and deliver historical data in excel. 

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Rank 2020Rank 2019ModelSomma di Sales YTD 2020+/- YTD 2020February sales+/- February
11Toyota Corolla183.6292,2%76.570-5,2%
22Ford F-Series149.200-0,7%76.650-0,6%
34Toyota RAV4134.86913,7%60.92810,7%
45Honda CR-V105.446-7,3%43.025-13,0%
53Honda Civic94.544-21,3%41.870-24,4%
69Toyota Camry89.978-9,3%39.417-7,3%
712Ram pick-up86.946-0,1%46.4500,0%
811Toyota Hilux85.232-4,4%41.420-4,0%
913Chevrolet Silverado84.4970,8%39.1561,0%
107Volkswagen Tiguan81.486-21,4%34.778-35,6%
118Volkswagen Golf
126Volkswagen Polo
1319Toyota Yaris
1417Hyundai Tucson
1523Chevrolet Equinox
1626Nissan Rogue
1714Kia Sportage
1822Mazda CX-5
1921Nissan Qashqai
2016Mercedes C Class
2115Honda Accord
2229Mercedes GLC
2333Renault Clio
2435Ford Focus
2528Toyota C-HR
2632Volkswagen Passat
2751Ford Escape
2838Ford Ecosport
2940Toyota Highlander
3024Mercedes E Class
3153Peugeot 208
3242BMW 3 Series
3347Honda HR-V
3446Ford Explorer
3534Skoda Octavia
3620Nissan Sylphy
3731Jeep Compass
381605Kia Seltos
3966Subaru Forester
4058Chevrolet Onix
4139BMW 5 Series
4236Nissan X-Trail
4337Volkswagen Jetta
4445Ford Fiesta
4564GMC Sierra
4650Hyundai Elantra
4775Kia Rio
4855Isuzu D-Max
4954Ford Ranger
5077Hyundai Kona