World Best selling cars May 2014 ranking. Ford Fiesta best global small car!

World Best selling cars

World Best selling cars May 2014 ranking confirms the advance of Volkswagen Golf, still third in cumulative sales. Toyota Corolla sold 7.000 units more than Ford Focus, while the Toyota Camry was fourth. Ford Fiesta was the best small car in the World.

The growing speed of the global light passenger’s vehicle market in the second half is marginally down from the first. However 2014 volume is projected up 4% with volume above the 86 million, new all-time record.

The models competition is tough with a global commercial battle to keep customers and with three great protagonists, now that Volkswagen Golf is growing everywhere closing the gap with the leaders, Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus.

In May Corolla was first with 99.434 sales, down 6.3% from year ago, followed by Ford Focus at 92.452, down 4.7%, and by Ford F-Series with 82.111, down 3.8%.

A great job was delivered by the Corolla Camry, advanced in 4th place, with 79.726 sales and Volkswagen Golf , fifth with 75.632, up 22% from last year and still third in the year to date ranking, with 379.056 sales and an amazing increase of 26.1% from last year.

The city car segment was leaded by Chevrolet Spark with 21.136 units followed by Daihatsu Tanto (the key car market leader in Japan) and Maruti Swift. Anyhow, the Spark is only 74th in the total models ranking.

In the Small Car segment, the leader, Ford Fiesta, gained a robust margin on the antagonist, the Volkswagen Polo, while third was the Renault Clio with a robust 18% increase in the month.

The Compact segment include Corolla, Focus and Golf, so the entire year-to-date podium.

The mid-size segment leader was the Hyundai Elantra with 74.880 units, followed by Honda Accord and Volkswagen Passat.

Large sedan segment leader was the BMW Series 5, well ahead of Audi A6 and Mercedes E.

Among SUV, the best was the Honda CRV, with 63.214 units, followed by the Toyota RAV 4 and Volkswagen Tiguan, while in the pick-up area, behind Ford F-Series third in absolute in May, there were the Chevrolet Silverado and the Toyota Hilux.

The first “Italian” model was out of the Top 50 and was Fiat 500 in 80th with 20.726 sales, down 4.9%.

Rank MayRank YTDModelSales May 2014Sales Ytd 2014Var May 2014Var Ytd 2014Share MayShare YTD
11Toyota Corolla99.436475.725-6,30%-1,70%1,40%1,40%
22Ford Focus92.453441.753-4,70%-6,30%1,30%1,30%
34Ford F-Series82.111358.490-3,80%1,50%1,20%1,00%
46Toyota Camry79.726323.68112,70%-4,80%1,10%0,90%
53Volkswagen Golf75.632379.05622,30%26,10%1,10%1,10%
65Hyundai Elantra74.880341.231-3,80%-4,70%1,10%1,00%
79Chevrolet Cruze68.623304.9018,90%10,00%1,00%0,90%
810Honda CR-V63.241286.6853,40%-0,10%0,90%0,80%
98Ford Fiesta61.814307.734-6,00%10,60%0,90%0,90%
1014Honda Civic60.951248.7331,20%-8,20%0,90%0,70%
1115Toyota RAV456.756237.86920,80%24,90%0,80%0,70%
1219Honda Accord55.489219.22010,00%-14,90%0,80%0,60%
1313Volkswagen Jetta53.878255.18313,80%10,90%0,80%0,70%
1420Chevrolet Silverado51.782217.8307,10%-8,00%0,70%0,60%
1512Volkswagen Passat50.359259.819-0,20%6,20%0,70%0,70%
167Wuling Hongguang50.333320.451162,40%52,70%0,70%0,90%
1711Volkswagen Polo49.605282.610-13,80%0,60%0,70%0,80%
1817Toyota Hilux47.312234.294-19,80%-14,20%0,70%0,70%
1916Buick Excelle44.729235.3868,70%14,60%0,60%0,70%
2027Hyundai Sonata42.234175.287-3,10%-15,30%0,60%0,50%
2125Renault Clio41.950186.87918,70%-1,70%0,60%0,50%
2221Volkswagen Tiguan41.893216.40412,30%10,50%0,60%0,60%
2323BMW 3 Series39.930192.709-3,00%13,60%0,60%0,60%
2424Toyota Prius39.353190.920-15,70%-13,50%0,60%0,50%
2522Toyota Yaris39.306201.20119,50%35,60%0,60%0,60%
2638Ford Escape39.057153.6269,40%-3,30%0,60%0,40%
2731Nissan Altima38.630166.74011,50%4,30%0,50%0,50%
2837Ford Fusion37.934154.69511,90%-4,20%0,50%0,40%
2918Volkswagen Lavida37.557230.72223,00%32,90%0,50%0,70%
3030Ram pick-up37.131170.71117,20%24,90%0,50%0,50%
3128Kia Sportage35.101171.9577,40%12,00%0,50%0,50%
3235Skoda Octavia34.648158.21939,10%20,40%0,50%0,50%
3436Hyundai Santa fe33.693157.66819,60%9,80%0,50%0,50%
3526Wuling Rongguang/Xingwang33.598176.0915,90%-4,20%0,50%0,50%
3632Foton Forland32.930166.08411,70%6,70%0,50%0,50%
3733Nissan Qashqai32.614162.863-2,70%-4,20%0,50%0,50%
3841Chevrolet Malibu32.003151.3545,60%8,70%0,50%0,40%
3939Hyundai ix3530.769152.618-2,20%10,10%0,40%0,40%
4046Audi A429.777134.2294,60%-7,40%0,40%0,40%
4143BMW 5 Series29.774144.7075,90%6,80%0,40%0,40%
4259Nissan Sentra29.497114.30161,60%23,80%0,40%0,30%
4340Wuling Sunshine28.515151.780-42,40%-25,30%0,40%0,40%
4442Mazda CX-528.495145.03631,00%40,60%0,40%0,40%
4545Volkswagen Santana28.440134.934276,10%137,00%0,40%0,40%
4648Volkswagen Sagitar27.243129.25313,10%7,80%0,40%0,40%
4764Audi A327.108111.57949,40%46,40%0,40%0,30%
4857Ford Explorer26.278114.74628,50%18,70%0,40%0,30%
4951Kia Rio26.244120.662-6,60%-4,20%0,40%0,30%
5061Peugeot 30825.908113.74025,50%12,50%0,40%0,30%

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