World Best Selling Mid Size Cars. The top in the 2017

World Best Selling Mid Size Cars Toyota-Camry-2018

World Best Selling Mid Size Cars in the 2017 grew 2.7% at 17.6 million units. On top of the list the archrival Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, both just renovated with the launch of the new generation. China counts 41% of global sales for this segment.

Global Sales

In the 2017, the “Mid Size Cars” segment, accounted for the 30.1% of the global car passenger’s sales, with 24.0 million vehicles sold, up 2.7% from the previous year. The top three markets for this segment are China, USA and Canada.

Best Selling Models

In the 2017, the Toyota Camry sales have been 646.000, down 2.2%. Produced since the 1982, when it was a compact size car, the Camry was just renovated at the eight generation. It was launched in Japan on 10 July 2017, in Australia on 21 November 2017 and it will also be launched in Thailand, Indonesia, and other countries by the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018. North American production started in June 2017, and sales began in late July 2017.

In second place the Honda Accord, up 1 spot,  with 530.000 sales (-2.4%). Produced since 1976, the Accord is available in the sedan (top seller in US), hatch and wagon styles and the last generation, the 10th, just started, with production began on September 18, 2017, and sales began in October.

In third place the Volkswagen Lavida, a vehicle on produced and sold just in China, sold in 517.000 units (-5.7%).

Behind, the Volkswagen Passat, actually fourth with 453.000 sales (-13.3%) followed by the Buick Excelle with 434.000 units (-8.6%) and the Skoda Octavia with 417.000 (-6.1%).

In seventh place the Nissan Sylphy with 412.000 sales (+9.5%) ahead of the Mercedes C Class with 363.000 units (+2.7%), the Chevrolet Malibu with 360.000 (-3.2%) and in 10th place the Volkswagen Santana with 287.000 (-9.7%).

Data Source

This report is done utilizing data extracted from our GAD (Global Auto Database) the wider Auto Sales Database actually existing in the World, with sales data by region/area/country broken down by type/size/body-style/brand/model from January 2010 to lats month. Data are collected by over 300 sources, including all the official providers (local Minister of Transportations or Associations of car Manufacturers).


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Rank 2017 Rank 2016   Sales 2017 Sales 2016 Variation 2017
1 1 Toyota Camry 646.629 660.840 -2,2%
2 3 Honda Accord 530.500 543.798 -2,4%
3 2 Volkswagen Lavida 517.255 548.321 -5,7%
4 4 Volkswagen Passat 453.074 522.621 -13,3%
5 5 Buick Excelle 434.624 475.408 -8,6%
6 6 Skoda Octavia 417.357 444.514 -6,1%
7 7 Nissan Sylphy 412.778 376.874 9,5%
8 11 Mercedes C Class 363.577 354.134 2,7%
9 9 Chevrolet Malibu 360.635 372.472 -3,2%
10 13 Volkswagen Santana 287.334 318.340 -9,7%



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